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Mapping a path to mobility.

Woven by Toyota is developing geospatial products that serve as the backbone of advanced mobility applications. These products – including highly scalable base maps, with industry-leading freshness and behavioral insight – provide the baseline situational understanding necessary for vehicle decision-making functions, for the automated driving deployments of today and the data-driven autonomy of tomorrow.


Full-range, scalable, automated driving solutions.

Our products provide the geospatial and semantic awareness automated vehicles need for safe, reliable decisioning. Complementing a vehicle’s sensor stack, these core priors offer the contextual clues needed for effective and efficient localization, perception and planning.

These are our three core geospatial products:

HD Basemaps
High-definition (HD) map services help today’s automated driving systems navigate the roads safely and reliably. Our HD map delivery product can manage HD map data from a variety of sources, with pipelines that are built for the most demanding and sophisticated automated driving systems.
Dynamic Map Updates
With today’s dynamic roadscapes, a map is only as good as its last update. That’s why we are building cutting-edge technology that uses crowdsourced data to detect road changes and make corresponding updates, dramatically increasing map freshness and reliability.
Next-Generation Mapping
In addition to meeting the high-definition needs of today, we are also developing new medium-definition models that have the flexibility needed to power tomorrow’s mobility applications, as well as the scalability needed to map even the roads least traveled.
Visualization of sensor data



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"The area of ownership is really immense here and the opportunity is huge."

Zac SchellhardtDirector of Product, Geo Product

"The future of mobility is about keeping the circulatory system of our planet vital, healthy, uncongested, and safe."

Ro GuptaVP, Geo


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