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We Hosted Our Women in Tech at Woven by Toyota Meetup!

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As we strive to build a more diverse workplace, on July 21, 2023, we held an event where our women engineers talked about their experience and learnings from throughout their careers. At the event, we had speakers from three of our key business: "Arene", our innovative vehicle software OS and platform, "Woven City", our test course for mobility, and "EnTec", enterprise technology that supports the productive and efficient software development at both Woven by Toyota and Toyota Motor Corporation.

Following an opening speech by Sinead Kaiya, our COO, hiring managers from each team made presentations about their products and services. With Sinead facilitating, women engineers participated in a panel discussion to talk about various topics on diversity.

To make the event more accessible to a wide range of attendees from various locations, the event was conducted in a hybrid format both offline at the Nihonbashi office and online on Zoom.

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As mentioned during the event, we are hiring! If you are interested in working here, a place that embraces diversity, explore our Careers page for more information about our culture and open positions.

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