January 31, 2024Blog

We Hosted Our Fourth C++ Meetup!

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Have you heard of undefined behavior in C++? Have you ever written a bounds check in C++? Did you know that the compiler can optimize out a bounds check if it contains undefined behavior?

The interaction between compiler optimizations and undefined behavior poses a serious security risk software written in C++. Dangerous optimizations can cause programs to behave incorrectly, crash, or even offer attackers ripe surface area for crafting attacks.

At our fourth C++ meetup, our engineers hosted a joint presentation on dangerous optimizations. Via practical examples, attendees learned about what dangerous optimizations and undefined behavior are, and how they can sneak into C++ software.

At the end of the session, we wrapped up with recommendations on how to avoid introducing undefined behavior into C++ software, empowering attendees to write safer, more reliable, and more secure software.

Joint Presentation

  • Panelists

    • Robert C. Seacord (Standardization Lead, Arene)

    • Jessica Paquette (Compiler Engineer, Arene)

  • Moderator

    • Nick Smith (Head of Learning, Woven Dojo)

Through our series of meetups, we hope to invite as many people who are interested in our discussions on C++, and very much look forward to interacting and socializing with them.

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