July 21, 2023Blog

We Hosted Our Third C++ Meetup!

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Building security gates in your pipeline is crucial for discovering defects early in your development process. At our third C++ meetup, we had a panel discussion on how to integrate security into your pipeline and ways to find bugs.

Presentation and Panel Discussion

  • Presentation

    • Brent Wagener - GitHub (Title: Integrating security into your build pipeline)

  • Panelists

    • Brent Wagener - GitHub

    • Juan Corena - Woven by Toyota

    • Kjeld Perquin - Woven by Toyota

  • Moderator

    • JF Bastien - Woven by Toyota

Through our series of meetups, we hope to invite as many people who are interested in our discussions on C++, and very much look forward to interacting and socializing with them.

For periodic updates of our activities, please visit our official websites and social media pages.

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