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We Hosted Our First Woven City Diversity Event!

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On August 26, 2022, our��Woven City team held an event that focuses on the theme of diversity, “Women in Woven City - Working with Diversity.”

Following an opening speech by Sinead Kaiya, our COO, Daisuke Toyoda, our SVP in charge of the Woven City project, made a presentation about why we are building Woven City, and how important diversity for Woven City is. With Sinead facilitating, our team members such as engineers, researchers, and project managers participated in a panel discussion to talk about various topics on diversity, such as how they enjoy diversity at Woven Planet and what diversity means to each of us.

To make the event more accessible to a wide range of attendees from various locations, the event was conducted in a hybrid format both offline at the Nihonbashi office and online on Zoom.

Event Highlights

Presentation by Daisuke Toyoda, SVP, Woven Planet Holdings, Inc.

Panel Discussion

As mentioned during the event, the Woven City team is hiring! If you are interested in working here, a place that embraces diversity, please visit here for more information about open positions.

In addition to this event, we have hosted tech meetups on a variety of topics, and will continue to do so. We hope to invite as many people who are interested in our project as possible, and very much look forward to interacting and socializing with them.

For periodic updates of our activities, please visit our official websites and social media pages.

Woven City

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