April 28, 2022Blog

We Hosted Our Second Woven City Tech Meetup - Cloud!

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On April 22, 2022, our software engineers held a Woven City Tech Meetup. Their topic of focus at this meetup was “Cloud” for the development of Woven City, along with them making tech talk presentations about it. To make the meetup more accessible for a larger volume of audiences from various locations, the second meetup was conducted in a hybrid way with both offline at the Nihonbashi office and online on Zoom.

There were some comments from the attendees, such as “it was a fantastic event,“ and “it is great to learn more technical details about the systems they plan to develop,” with the meetup successfully drawing to a close.

Meetup Highlights

Tech Talk by Stephen Shum

Architecture Decision - Think Outside the Box

Tech Talk by Rie Ono

Payment Infrastructure for the Woven City

- Architecture of the Payment System

- Designing Services & Data Models

We will continue to run meetups with a variety of topics. We hope to invite as many people who are interested in our project as possible, and very much look forward to interacting and socializing with them.

For periodic updates of our activities, please visit our official websites and social media pages.

Woven City

Woven by Toyota (Woven Planet became Woven by Toyota on April 1, 2023.)