December 10, 2021Blog

We Hosted Our First Woven City Tech Meetup - Backend!

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On December 3, our software engineers held a Woven City Tech Meetup. Their topic of focus at this meetup was “Backend” - backend work for an engineer working on the development of Woven City, along with them making tech talk presentations about it.

There were some comments from the attendees, such as “It was great to gain in-depth knowledge on something that is this big in scope,” and “I could learn a lot of new things,” with the meetup successfully drawing to a close.

Meetup Highlights

Tech Talk by Hunter Chen

Building a Friendly, Scalable Backend Dev Environment

Tech Talk by Kate McKinley

Thinking About What Can Go Wrong - Threat Modelling

Tech Talk by Shunsuke Tokunaga

Our Behavior AI Team Plans to Make Human Mode, Which Enable Us to Simulate Human Behavior, and to Make Practical ML Models

Backend for Developing/deploying ML Models More Efficient

We plan to make this a series of meetups with a variety of topics. We hope to invite as many people who are interested in our work as possible, and very much look forward to interacting and socializing with them.

For periodic updates of our activities, please visit our official websites and social media pages.

Woven City

Woven by Toyota (Woven Planet became Woven by Toyota on April 1, 2023.)