Chris Heiser

Special Programs

Chris Heiser is the Vice President of Special Programs at Woven by Toyota.

Chris Heiser is the Vice President of Special Programs, responsible for leading future architecture development efforts at Woven by Toyota. Prior to Woven Planet, now Woven by Toyota, Chris was the CEO and Co-Founder of Renovo, a pioneering Silicon Valley-based automotive operating system developer. He joined Woven Planet as part of the acquisition of Renovo in September of 2021, which brought the company’s deep expertise in building a complete software-defined vehicle infrastructure stack into Woven Planet.

Previous to Renovo, Chris was the Director of Product Management at LightSurf—pioneer of the camera phone—before the company was acquired by Verisign.

In addition to serving as a founding advisor of San Francisco’s Self Racing Cars Series, Chris is a die-hard gearhead with a passion for motorsports, engineering and technology. Heiser graduated from Carnegie Mellon with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering.