AD/ADAS Technology


Driving safety for all.

Inspired by our goal for mobility for all, we’re developing automated driving technologies and advanced driver assistance systems (AD/ADAS) that add safety features and expand access to mobility. The 2021 launch of Teammate on select vehicles and our work on cutting-edge AI-based safety systems are steps on our path to deliver safe, reliable mobility to more people in more places.


Sophisticated software offering today’s drivers the safety, comfort and value Toyota is famous for.

ML-based safety

Next-generation, data-driven automated driving technology leveraging the latest in machine learning.


Teammate Advanced Drive

Developed by Woven by Toyota, Teammate offers Toyota and Lexus customers increased convenience without detracting from the joy of driving. The Teammate system is designed to be a driver’s partner, augmenting driver’s capabilities with reliability, predictability and consistency.

The ideal partner for today’s driver.

Teammate is able to use the advanced computing power of Toyota and Lexus’s latest vehicles to deliver comfortable driving assistance under certain road conditions. We have been investing in safety and naturalistic driving experiences by incorporating in Teammate’s algorithms driving data from real-world drivers.
Teammate is rigorously tested using actual vehicles and virtual simulation, in a variety of environments. Reliability is enhanced through redundancies across power supplies, brakes, steering, sensors, processors and algorithms.
Combining a state-of-the-art, multi-modal sensor configuration of LiDARs, cameras, and radars, our systems understand the vehicle’s surroundings. This approach supports drivers and vehicles to better respond to the streetscape and the traffic environment.
Teammate puts the driver at the center, using a special Human Machine Interface (HMI) for Advanced Drive to give the driver clarity and context as to the vehicle’s behavior. This emphasis on transparency and interpretability ensures the driver always feels secure and in control.
With over-the-air (OTA) updates for the controls and mapping software, we can keep driving assistance technology updated even after the car is purchased.


Advanced automation and autonomy.

Woven by Toyota is at the forefront of technology, developing ML-based safety systems that will power next-generation active safety features and autonomous driving applications for both personally owned vehicles and mobility-as-a-service (MaaS) offerings.

Technology designed for the real world.

Scalable Technology
Safe and convenient mobility should not be only for a chosen few. That is why we are building ML-based systems that employ lower-cost sensing and computation while still offering safety, versatility and comfort. Our approach leverages Toyota’s scale to develop high-volume data sets for training and validation of our ML systems to incorporate safety from the ground up.
Collaborative Development
We collaborate with partners across Woven by Toyota and the broader Toyota family. Drawing on the real-world knowhow of our partners helps us develop practicable hardware and software, maintain safe on-road operations, and continually improve our virtual experimentation and validation tools.
Versatile Applications
To better advance Toyota’s mission of mobility for all, we are designing our ML-based technology for maximum versatility with safety in mind. Beginning with e-Palette, a fully autonomous MaaS offering being deployed at Woven City, our ML-based technology will be able to support a wide range of driving applications and levels of automation.
Image of Woven by Toyota test vehicle
Image of Woven by Toyota test vehicle
Two men in test vehicle. One of them is working on a laptop.


A robust collection of raw sensor data

Our automated vehicles are equipped with an in-house sensor suite that collects raw sensor data on other cars, pedestrians, traffic lights, and more. This dataset features the raw lidar and camera inputs collected by our automated fleet within a bounded geographic area. It includes:

Prediction Dataset & Perception Dataset

Prediction Dataset

Visualization of traffic prediction

Train motion prediction models with the largest collection of prediction data released to date. The dataset includes the logs of over 1,000 hours of movement of various traffic agents—such as cars, cyclists, and pedestrians—that our autonomous fleet encountered on Palo Alto routes.

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Perception Dataset

Data visualization

Use raw camera and lidar inputs from our fleet of autonomous vehicles to train perception systems. To supplement the data, we’ve included human-labeled 3D bounding boxes of traffic agents and an underlying HD spatial semantic map.

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"I chose to join Woven by Toyota because I need to work on something that matters. I'm getting the chance to apply my skills and do meaningful work every day!"

Chris WelchSenior Systems Integration Engineer

"Autonomous and assisted driving tech is not just one car. It’s every car. Well, every Toyota car if we’re being specific with Woven by Toyota but that in itself is huge."

Sarah KoehlerSenior Control Manager